40 tasks to delegate to your VA

Breakdown your role as a business owner/manager and ask yourself just which jobs can be passed over to your VA? Hiring experts to attend to the time-consuming tasks allows you more time to give to growing your business and doing the job that you love.

Tasks for our Virtual Accountant – keeping a tight rein on the finances.

  1. Bookkeeping.

  2. Debt collection.

  3. Credit control.

  4. Payroll.

  5. Financial analysis.

  6. Cashflow forecasting.

  7. VAT returns.

  8. Self-Assessment filing.

  9. Expense reporting.

  10. General banking duties.

Tasks for a Virtual Marketer – they always have something to say.

  1. Scheduling of e-mail campaigns.

  2. Writing blogs.

  3. Creating newsletters.

  4. Website creation & management

  5. Creating profiles, pages and groups

  6. Design work for your business from logos to marketing materials.

  7. Copywriting.

  8. SEO & digital marketing.

  9. Social media presence – replying to comments, sharing relevant material.

  10. Weekly/monthly website traffic analytics.

Tasks for your Virtual Secretary – organised, methodical & the face of the company.

  1. Scheduling of appointments.

  2. Answering phone calls.

  3. Travel planning and management.

  4. Event organising.

  5. Transcription of audio files.

  6. Dealing with customer enquiries.

  7. Managing e-mails/spam and forwarding to relevant contacts.

  8. Taking minutes of business meetings.

  9. Organising recruitment- adverts and interview scheduling.

  10. Generic office errands- stationery ordering, photocopying etc.

Tasks for the Virtual Administrator – loves those odd jobs that don’t fit in to any other category.

  1. Internet research.

  2. Database and CRM management.

  3. Creation and follow up of quotations.

  4. Data entry.

  5. Converting & merging PDF’s.

  6. Maintaining Cloud document accounts (Dropbox, Google Drive).

  7. Creating forms or surveys.

  8. Producing graphs, charts or visual reports from spreadsheets.

  9. Drafting and preparing manuals.

  10. Composing documents from written drafts.

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