Virtually (im)possible to find the time?

Virtual service demands are rapidly on the increase, with the UK set to catch-up with the assortment of services already being provided in the USA.

Development in technology now allows opportunity to complete a wide range of tasks from a remote location, without the ties and costs of an office employee. Particularly for the start-up and sole traders this is a huge benefit as the savings associated with a Virtual Assistant compared to a full time employee could be vital to cash flow in the early stages. Using the services offered by a Virtual Assistant brings opportunity to access many different specialities and areas of expertise along with complete flexibility and peace of mind that you are only paying for the work provided.

Virtual assistants initially specialised in administration and PA duties, however the industry is constantly evolving and we can now see that professionals are offering their skills with more adaptability for both client and the VA. Social media co-ordination is one of the biggest growers here; with the need to keep a continuing presence in market it can be time consuming but is necessary for many businesses. Allowing a VA to spend just 1 hour per day keeping this maintained could be worth its weight in gold.

There are of course pitfalls and it should be clear with any VA hired what is expected from them. Be sure that the assistant can handle the required tasks and don’t be afraid to use multiple avenues if specialist services are required. A job description (no matter how basic in the early stages) is vital. It would defeat the object to hire your VA for 15 hours per month and then find work for them. It also wouldn’t necessarily make it cost effective. Commit a bit of time for training if required, this will save time in the long run if the VA is proficient in all of the systems used.

Virtual assistants are there to save the client time and to help in increasing profits by keeping costs down. Used wisely and efficiently this virtual tool can be fundamental to assist in the smooth running of any business.

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