Is virtual the reality?

The world now connects in countless ways with a wealth of knowledge, assistance and opportunities at your fingertips.

The surge in the Vlogger forum allows a platform for people to get their message out there. From new product launches, make-up tips, gaming or just general day to day chatter, people are now more at ease with putting their face out there instead of just words from a keyboard.

Time of day is no longer a limitation on communication or capability as someone somewhere is available to speak or just to listen - the world is becoming more connected and people are stepping out of the comfort zones we have known for years.

The rise of the online GP is something to watch for in the coming years - although current user percentages are on the low side, the demands of life will surely necessitate the requirement for this service. As NHS waiting lists grow could this be the answer we are looking for?

#Virtualassistant #Virtualadministration #vlogging #onlinehealthcare

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