Whatever your requirement, my team and I have you covered. We have excellent knowledge of MS Office and office management software having worked with bespoke and proprietary systems and software for many years. For more information on our services or to discuss your requirements and to see where we could bring assistance your business, please call us on 01293 562195 or drop us a line and get in touch

General administration

Good back office support is fundamental to the success of your business. My team can take care of those day-to-day tasks that take up your time and keep you away from your core business practices. The team are proficient with, but not limited to:

  • designing, compiling and updating of spreadsheets

  • CRM and client database maintenance

  • reporting as required

  • managing your diary and schedules

  • inbox supervision 

Secretarial duties

In addition to general administration, we can assist you in a more detailed and personal way. Secretarial duties include:

  • taking and monitoring phone calls and messages

  • opening, reading and distributing post

  • coordinating travel arrangements

  • dictation and letter transcription 

Accounting and bookkeeping

Often a small business or sole trader would take advantage of our accounting services as this area of expertise is specialised and requires additional resource. As an extension of your business my team and I would assist with:

  • bookkeeping, invoicing, purchasing and debt collection

  • payroll options

  • cashflow forecasting

  • VAT returns and HMRC liaison on your behalf

  • transaction reporting

Marketing and promotion

Pushing and promoting a business is an area often overlooked or considered a cost instead of an investment. We are skilled in promotion both online and in print giving support in:

  • developing relevant and targeted marketing campaigns

  • conducting research 

  • data analytics and performance reporting

  • maintaining your presence in your industry via social media

  • copy-writing and proof-reading