Hiring a Virtual Administrator is not as expensive as you may think and we have packages to suit your business. From an hourly rate, PAYG arrangement to fixed small, medium and large monthly packages, we can offer you a term of contract that meets your requirement - and budget.



Some businesses only need a VA on an "as and when" basis, or for specific one-off projects. Our PAYG hourly rate offers you a flexible and efficient way of keeping your admin in check. By prepaying for hours in advance - which you can use at any time from Monday to Friday - you can very easily top up your account for exactly when you need us.


It's easy and convenient and any hours you do not use can be rolled over month on month.

Prepaid hourly rate - per hour 1                            £21.00

Medium monthly fixed package


Our most popular fixed monthly package gives you 10 hours to use as you need for whatever you need.


Plenty of time for our VA's to create your weekly sales reports, get all of your invoicing done, chase down bad debt, arrange some business travel, write that newsletter or coordinate those tweets, type those letters, call HMRC...

You get the point, there is so much that can be achieved in 10 hours!


Invoiced monthly - 10 hours*+                            £190.00

Small monthly fixed package


For those that want a small but definite amount of work done per month, our small monthly fixed package might suit you. While 5 hours a month might not sound a lot our VA's are so skilled and efficient they really can pack a lot into our smallest fixed package. 

Why not get in touch and have a chat with us today to see how much difference just 5 hours support a month can make to you?

Invoiced monthly - 5 hours*+                              £99.00

Large monthly fixed package


The largest fixed package we do gives you 20 hours a month and our VA's are at your disposal. If you are in need of an assistant or administrator but don't want the hassle of recruiting, training and cost of an employee then this package is for you. Hiring a Virtual Administrator for 20 hours a month really does become one of your team. And just think of the things you could do if you had all of that time back each and every month?


A day off perhaps? Now wouldn't that be nice!

Invoiced monthly - 20 hours*+                           £355.00

Additional hours for fixed monthly packages

Additional hours, over your fixed monthly package, will be charged at £20 per hour. You will never incur any additional charges to your monthly invoice unless we agree this with you prior to beginning any additional hours. You only ever pay for our services by prior agreement and you will never receive an invoice for time you have not authorised. 

*  Hours in our monthly fixed packages cannot be rolled over month on month and refunds for hours unused will not be issued or held against subsequent invoices.

+  Hours in our monthly fixed packages to be used Monday to Friday only. Weekend specific rates available on request.

1  Payment for prepaid hours to be received in full before any work will be carried out.